Articles by Christian Midthun

Aurora, Colorado

It’s so easy to ignore the word “evil” and send it from reality to a fictitious world, to a place where we can’t be harmed and evil stands behind the looking glass. What a comforting lie to feed ourselves. Perhaps…Read more

The Reel wins “Join Say It With Skype”

Technology is a friend of mine, most of the time. And this time he outshined all his past mistakes. It began when our lead singer, Cameron, was scrolling through Twitter and he stumbled upon one of One Republic’s tweets for…Read more

OurStage Panel Season 2 Finale

As I dust off the Texas from my boots I am reminded of what an incredible time we had down in Austin. About 2 months ago we found out we had made the top 16 unsigned artists for the OurStage…Read more


New Website!

New Website!

Hello beloved and cherished fans, It seems you have surfed the net and landed on this undiscovered island we call our website. WELCOME! If I could virtually offer you a pina colada and and hammock to relax in, I would….Read more


2011 Sammies

2011 Sammies

It seemed like a typical Saturday afternoon as I was relaxing/dreading going into to work at the restaurant that night. When suddenly I got the news the award ceremony for the “SAMMIES” was going on that same night (oh no!)…Read more