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Went out to see The Reel opening to Josiah James, and I was blown away. I’ve seen these rad dudes about 4 times or so, and they just keep getting better and better with each set. I’m in Texas now,…Read more

Cameron is a happy, goofy, bouncy guy. He generally makes others feel happy, goofy, and bouncy, whether they want to or not. But most of the time we want to. Here’s an example of happy, goofy, bouncy Cammmy.

After being friends on facebook for some time, I finally got the chance to see and meet The Reel (you boys). First off, Cameron came up to me while I was trying to fix my camera and introduced himself, making…Read more

This is a picture taken at The Reel’s show in New Delhi (at which I had the honor to play guitar for one of their songs!) It’s good to see the website up and running. I’m excited to see much…Read more