2011 Sammies

2011 Sammies AwardIt seemed like a typical Saturday afternoon as I was relaxing/dreading going into to work at the restaurant that night. When suddenly I got the news the award ceremony for the “SAMMIES” was going on that same night (oh no!) and I was the only one in the band who could attend.  I called my work after applying some fresh charm and they seemed to be okay with me not coming in as I communicated the importance of this occasion.  So I headed over to J Street for the Block Party to find a sea of people and fantastic music in the air (not to mention the scent of illegal substances).  Going back a year exactly we had received the “runners up” award for the SAMMIES (Sacramento Music Awards) which really means we lost, but not this year!  We received our 1st Sammy!  Thank you so much to anyone who threw a vote our way, seriously wouldn’t have happened with out you.  As they listed the names of our fellow pop/rock nominees I felt an army of nerves conquer my soul (oh no!).  But I got up there and mumbled some words through that microphone. It was something along the lines of “Thank you so much! I’m glad I called in sick to work”.  Little did I know I had traded my “employee of the year award” for a Sammy as they decided to let me go (oh no!) WHAT A COMMITTED GUY I AM!  Yes, I really lost my job.

Previous Winners of the SAMMIES include Cake and Deftones.
You can read more about the SAMMIES here:

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