New Website!

Hello beloved and cherished fans,

It seems you have surfed the net and landed on this undiscovered island we call our website. WELCOME! If I could virtually offer you a pina colada and and hammock to relax in, I would.

I (Christian) hope you all are doing ridiculously well.  This Blog is quite overdue and for that I apologize.  Luckily, you guys practice forgiveness regularly… we hope.  This website is going to feature some gnarly accessories, most importantly we want to provide a place of shelter to escape that gossip vortex known as “The Facebook”.  What we’re most excited about is the “Reel Friends” concept.  This is your chance to be THE REEL’s photographer.  No experienced required!  Just snap some shots of the performance and post em!  Also note that your lens isn’t limited to just the band, post photos you and your friends having fun at the show.  I encourage you to get acquainted with the site: check out show dates, videos (watch me lose all dignity as I fall off of a treadmill) and be sure to check in for blogs on the recent haps with the band.  We’ve also posted a video of our song “Stars”, recorded in the Cam’s palace of a garage.  You are the first people to see this.  Give it a listen/watch and please pass it on to your friends!  Anyways, feel free to roam our new space.

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  1. Roberta says:

    Awesome guys, the site looks great and taylored to my interest ;) taking pix, posting them etc. Congrats on the 3000 likes and so much more, keep up the great job. Love

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