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Hey guys! With the help of our good friend, Ben De Rienzo, we were able to record a video of us jumping around in my lil garage. It was on a cold night, which I guess made sense with the song title being “Stars”, although I do not remember seeing any… except for Kevin Balzer. He kind of looks like a different kind of Star if you know what I mean… Ya? Haha!! Don’t kill me, Kev! Ok, ADD is taking over, back to the video. I just remember Ben jimmy-rigging some lights and the guys having fun running through the song together. Some of the guys were also wearing each other’s clothes. I also remember Ben telling me that I move my arms a lot when I sing, which kind of just happens when singing or talking for me. You can see for yourself. Also, please share this video link with your FB/Twitter friends. It would bring many smiles.

Since you’re hearing the song, I thought I’d give you a quick background on writing the song “Stars”. You never know what will come out of a little quirky idea. At least I didn’t. I wrote a little riff and let some words fall out in a melody. That happens a lot with me. I always thought it was weird until I heard some songwriters doing it the same way. I wasn’t that strange! The song began to reveal it’s meaning to me and jamming on it as a band shaped it even more and led to the high-energy vibe. I love our band! The song has themes of hope, love, starting over and the end of the world. Not the end that is supposed to happen this year – 2012… Or is it?

You can see more of our videos here.

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  1. T.J. Piazza says:

    Great video guys, herd Mr.B was in the band , didn’t know that at all. Love this music video can’t wait for new ones and Cam I hope u come back to oakridge to visit it was so fun. Keep Rocking from (The Drummer) TJ

    • Daren Rowinski says:

      I love you guys <3 beautiful voice Cameron! :) ) hah and i love mr. B! :) rocking that guitar like a bossssssssss! :) i want you guys to go big! make bank! :D congrats on the great video!
      much love!,
      BALZER PER. 7
      :) love you guys

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