Austin, TexasAs I dust off the Texas from my boots I am reminded of what an incredible time we had down in Austin. About 2 months ago we found out we had made the top 16 unsigned artists for the OurStage Panel Season 2 and we couldn’t believe it when heard we made the top 4. After we recovered from the initial shock and picked our jaws up off the floor, we packed our best outfits, guitars, and some confidence for the performance in Texas. We drove to the empty Sacramento airport to catch a red-eye flight and arrived in Austin the next day. We stepped outside the baggage claim looking like zombies to be picked up/introduced to the awesome Alex and rad Rebecca. Rebecca was an instant homie and rolled us around from point A to B to A to B. THE REEL <3′s Rebecca.

We checked in to the hotel and prescribed ourselves a few hours of sleep to remedy the red eye plague. At about 3pm we headed to an interview with the brilliant Mitchell Stuart. He slapped the zombie out of us with his charisma and energy and the interview went well considering we were sleep deprived, nervous, out of our minds, and terrible interviews.

Fast forward to the next day: this was THE day. If there was any day in the life of THE REEL to capitalize on, this was it. So I, Christian “responsibility” Midthun, started the day off with some treadmill action and fruit loops. I knew it was going to be a great day when he (the treadmill) didn’t buck me off unlike last time.

The OurStage Panel - Austin, TXWe stepped out of the SUV to be greeted by some invasive video cameras which I’m sure caught some great footage of us looking not so cool. In fact I’m positive they did because I vividly remember coloring my shirt with some coffee. We had arrived at “The Parish”, the venue where we would “compete to be the next emerging artist” . We walked into what felt like a saloon as it gave off a beautifully rustic vibe. Supposedly it is home to the best live sound in Austin. We met the other bands and they morphed from competitors to friends naturally. What a great group of raw talent and genuine people. We were all stoked to even be there. We had the privilege of being interviewed by Keltie Colleen from “The Insider”. She did her best to freak us out before we went on and helped us realize just how big this could be for our band. She was a joy to work with. After we performed we received some valuable critiques from the OurStage Panel that we will definitely take to heart. Eclectic Approach was announced the winner, congrats gentlemen!

That night we decided to grab some grub head down to the SXSW Festival. Who says losers can’t have fun? We found ourselves in the midst of a sea of crazy human beings. We were the audience to a free show of quality people watching. It was a great night AND we had the legendary Amy’s Ice Cream! We would like to send a huge thanks to everyone at OurStage for being so rad/accommodating and for giving us this wonderful opportunity. A loud shout out to: Bruce Tyler, Lee Dannay, Sharon Dastur, Scott Igoe, Gavin DeGraw and Ben Campbell for your time and kind words.

Click here to watch the whole OurStage Panel Season 2 Finale.

Check out some of our behind-the-scenes footage.

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  1. David says:

    That video was awesome.

  2. ashnazg says:

    Nice set at the OurStage panel!

  3. Angie says:

    That was awesome guys! Thanks for sharing. I needed a good laugh! You are winners in our hearts. :)

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