It’s so easy to ignore the word “evil” and send it from reality to a fictitious world, to a place where we can’t be harmed and evil stands behind the looking glass. What a comforting lie to feed ourselves. Perhaps it’s not a lie of intention, but one of necessity because to acknowledge that truth can be paralyzing. After the tragedy of the Colorado shootings I find myself questioning my cravings in cinema and entertainment in general.

I am a huge fan of the most recent reincarnations of Batman. I think they are brilliant, captivating and different but it’s complete rubbish to say that the content of the movie had no influence on the attack. He wasn’t going to shoot up a theatre showing a romantic comedy. Whether it’s music, movies or the ballet, it is amazing how much of an influence art has on people. It’s also terrifying. I am not trying to piece together a group of protesters with pitchforks to storm the gates of Hollywood. There’s no real solution. We can’t boycott crazy people. Guns have become furniture and sanity has become optional.

As for myself, I will cherish the people I love. I too often trade reality for daydreaming about music, love or whatever. But reality doesn’t always knock. I will sit and breathe and remind myself that this life is an opportunity, a gift. Life can disguise itself as a burden sometimes. But when life shines its true colors it is truly a blessing. As much as I love Jimi Hendrix’s tune “Wait ’til Tomorrow”, I think it’s a terrible piece of advice. I will love today, embrace others and procrastinate no longer. Don’t let the tragedies be your wake up call.

Godspeed to all those who are digging their loved one’s graves.

I used to dream of running through the streets of Gotham City. The closest I ever got was 6 mph on my big wheel while rocking my Batman gear. I never made it to my destination though, probably because I was too busy watching my cape fly in the wind.

Gunman turns ‘Batman’ screening into real-life ‘horror film’

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  1. Very well written, and expressed, Christian. You were able to put into words a lot of feelings that, I’m sure, a lot of people are having. We’re just all skipping along “la-dee-da”, then BOOM, something like this, shocks us, reminds us, of the evil that exists, and as you said, those seemingly innocent “cravings” for entertainment, if we’re not vigilant about what we watch, read, listen to, those messages sink into our minds, unfiltered, and (obviously) sometimes in an extreme manner such as this incident.

    It also makes me think of this video I recently saw about how the media objectifies women, and we, as a culture, are “okay” with it. (

    I don’t know how we fix what’s wrong, but awareness has to be the first step. Prayers going out to those innocent people, who thought they were just going on an adventure, to see a movie.

  2. pauline maclean says:

    no words really just feelings. so sad. cherish every minute God gives.

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